Hemo N.R.G


Hemo NRG Powder

75 grams.     Per 2   1.25 cc. scoops

Angelica Sinensis Root Powder      105 mg.
Deer Velvet Powder                             135 mg.
Yellow Dock Root Powder                  105 mg.
Lycium Fruit Extract                            53 mg.
Ligusticum                                            53 mg.
Raspberry Leaf                                     53 mg.
Red Clover                                             53 mg.
Spirulina Powder                                 50 mg.
Inactive Ingredients:
Brewers Dried Yeast (Non GMO), Natural Flavoring
Silicon Dioxide


Delivers key ingredients including NZ Deer Antler Velvet, that supports the formation on hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the tissues and helps improve energy and vitality.  Supportive for dogs who are active, pregnant, anemic or recovering from surgery or parasitic events.

Anemia is a very common condition in the veterinary field and can be caused by D.T blood loss (post-bleeding surgery trauma or bleeding tendency, parasites, poisoning;. hemolytic)  = Regenerative Anemia. Anemia can be D.T decrees production off RBC (Erlicia Neoplsia) = Non-Regenerative Anemia.  In the East, Deer Velvet has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of anemia.