New Zealand Deer Velvet Products
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Made by Nature – Supported By Science

2000 Years of Field Trials! What’s to Argue With?

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Deer Velvet Antler helps promote wellness naturally and helps keep animals in peak condition by supporting joint mobility, connective tissue, vascular health, liver health and function, normal blood cell health, antioxidant function, physical and mental well being and the reduction of oxidative stress. Deer Velvet Antler is humanly harvested and the only renewable source of glucosamine in the world.

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Products are offered in powders , so you can
make ingredient additions, and traditional tablets

A Catalog and Technical Ingredient Guide are available upon request.

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New Zealand Deer Velvet powders are made in the US and carry the NASC Seal of Approval.

New Zealand Deer Velvet tablets are made in New Zealand in a US Registered manufacturing facility.

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